Olfactory Compositions

A familiar scent can bring back memories such as the perfume your mum wore. Create your own memories with these fragrances.

Miss Dior

Everything’s coming up roses with the new scent by Miss Dior, Rose n’ Roses. Every effort is taken to make sure nothing but the best goes into each bottle. For example, roses are harvested at sunrise in Grasse, France, as these flowers exude a powerful scent for a short time. These roses are then quickly turned into a delicate fragrance.

Acqua di Parma

Asian-inspired fragrances, Camelia and Sakura are introduced to the Signatures of the Sun collection. Each one is distilled by Acqua di Parma until the purest essence is obtained through a filtering system. Ingredients are sourced from all over the world for the preciousness they encapsulate.

Tom Ford

According to Tom Ford, a thing of beauty displays its danger right from the start. Hence he created Rose Prick a sensual fragrance with ingredients such as a blooming bouquet of Bulgarian roses and Rose de Mai along with the sharp fire of Sichuan pepper and the ginger-like spice of turmeric extract. To note: It takes more than a million Bulgarian roses to make one kilogram of rose oil.


Pasha de Cartier perfume uses the sensual fougère accord (or fern in French) with the addition of amber while woody elements such as the sandalwood are present too. Watch lovers will notice the lid has a blue cabochon, similar to that of the winding crown on the Pasha de Cartier timepiece.

Yves Rocher

The eco fragrance uses about 87% of its ingredients from sources that can be traced while some fragrances are 100% vegan. The collection respects the planet and is produced entirely in Breton, France with packaging that is recyclable.

Amouroud Parfum

The Amouroud Elixir Collection launches three new fragrances, Golden Oud, Mysterious Rose and Noir Illuminé. All three fragrances are designed for both sexes and contain ingredients that are woody and floral, spices and oud. The latter is a rare and expensive agarwood that lends a woody musk finish to fragrances.