Put Your Best Face Forward

From office to off-site meetings and then to dinner, you will need to get the makeup right and skincare products so you will always look fresh.

Estée Lauder
Revitalising Supreme+ Bright consists of two new moisturizers for brighter, more youthful, even-toned skin. Ingredients used include a blend of beautyberry + vitamin C, these lightweight, nourishing moisturizers address dullness and discoloration, while powerful moringa extract and a collagen-boosting complex work in tandem to help rebuild skin’s firmness and bounce.

Reboot your skincare regime with Water Sleeping Mask_EX by Laneige with ingredients such as squalane, Sleeping Micro Biome and Pro-biotics Complex to improve hydration and skin texture. Microbiome is a community of micro-organisms living together in a particular habitat and a biological barrier that exist on the outermost layer of the skin.

The iconic Rouge Dior lipstick now comes in a new, refillable case with a bold, modern design. A signature, colour-enhancing formula enriched with floral lip-care ingredients are added. A perfectly balanced range of shades and finishes to suit all styles and flatter all skin tones.

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Clarins Double Serum is a potent anti-ageing serum that works internally and externally to fight skin’s stress caused by pollution and lifestyle habits such as not enough sleep and consuming greasy foods.