Celebrating Gender Diversity

Working in the F&B industry conjures up images of frazzled maître d’s, disgruntled chefs and overworked kitchen staffers. When you think of the gender balance in an environment such as this, the lines are a little more blur today. That is because of the inclusivity and diversity encouraged by progressive companies like luxury kitchen appliance manufacturer, V-Zug.

Charming Home Away From Home

If you have not been to Malacca in a while, perhaps it is time to do so — the once-sleepy state has come into its own, with plenty to rediscover and a charming hotel at the heart of the town to sweeten the deal. Something about Liu Men feels like home the moment you step inside its spacious, art deco-inspired…

Get Noodling

One of Japan’s fastest growing maze-soba restaurant chain Menya Kokoro has just recently launched their latest lineup of new ramen and maze-soba dishes Menya Kokoro is actually famous for its maze-soba, which is a Japanese dry noodle dish, featuring thick soba noodles and often marinated minced meat, an onsen egg and garlic. In just four years, the restaurant chain has…