Success to OrangeTee & Tie’s Brenda Zee is not about making a dollar, it is about making a difference

“Let’s do it!” avowed Brenda Zee to her husband Elson Chia 22 years ago when she stood at the crossroads of her destiny. Today, Brenda Zee seems representative of a doyenne — from emerging as OrangeTee & Tie’s First Runner-Up Top Achiever last year to leading a team of trusted associates alongside her husband, and recently upgrading to a landed…

Words of wisdom from the world’s most influential female speakers, personalities and thinkers

Women deserve to be celebrated (everyday) for their extraordinary contributions to society, not to mention their remarkable triumphs through the course of history. Despite gender inequalities across all sectors, today’s influential female voices give us hope that we are headed in the right direction. To motivate your journey to personal growth and professional success, here are some of our favourite…

Shining From Within

At age 16, most of us are simply worrying about our exams and focusing on doing well in school. However, for the founder and owner of local jewellery brand By Invite Only, Trixie Khong, that was when she started her own jewellery business.

Growing The Female Lead In Tech

Maya Hari, VP Asia Pacific at Twitter, is using the pandemic to move the social media company towards its bold targets for diversity and inclusivity. She is also helping women bring their strengths and voices to the table by mentoring, sponsoring and building networks.

Refashioning Heritage

Artiste and drama teacher Oniatta Effendi turned her passion for batik into a clothing business that pays homage to the traditions, stories and artisans behind these timeless textiles. In a shophouse across from the Malay Heritage Centre in Kampung Glam, homegrown label Baju by Oniatta has found a new home. Or, as founder Oniatta Effendi prefers to see it, the…

Minding The Gender Gap

Low Chin Loo, inaugural head of Asia Pacific for EDGE Certification and former president of the Financial Women’s Association of Singapore, believes female progress in the workplace is a societal issue where men’s involvement is critical. With the pandemic hurting women’s careers more than men’s, she wants organisations to step up and shift the needle towards gender parity.

Of Help And Healing

Ming Bridges, founder of clothing rental company, Rentadella, was just 19 when her struggles with food and her body began. At the time, she was pursuing her singing career, but constant scrutiny of her looks on social media sent her into a downward spiral of bingeing, purging, and starving. Now a firm and vocal advocate of body acceptance, Bridges is determined to make a change.

Empowering Women

Even without any prior experience in running a charity, housewife Uma Balji knew that she wanted to do more to help. With some friends, she raised nearly $100,000 for a women’s programme, which was then discontinued. However, that prompted her to start Project Smile, a charity to uplift and empower women from all walks of life.

Steering Choppy Waters

When Esseplore, an AI-driven tech-enabled food and travel company, first launched, they could not have done so at a worse timing. The world was going into lockdown, and travel ground to a halt. However, executive director Poh Mui Hoon, was not going to give up, and Esseplore pivoted to new opportunities.